Abbott Nutrition

Labeling Specialist
Summer 2011–Current

Since 2011 I have worked with Abbott Nutrition in the position of Labeling Specialist. This role combines equal parts graphic design, packaging engineering, marketing, and regulatory to get packaging from concepts to store shelves. We are responsible for transforming creative designs (either our own or an external agency’s) into real world printed labels and packaging. Throughout my time with Abbott I’ve worked with various sub-brands such as EAS, Similac, Ensure, Glucerna, Pedialyte, and Pediasure, watching not only these brands grow and change, but also my own skills and interests.

AdvantEdge Carb Control
AdvantEdge Carb Control 4ct carton w/ tetra carton

Lean 15 sleeve label
Lean 15 sleeve label

Myoplex 30 carton with wrapper

Zone Perfect redesign cartons & wrappers

Zone Perfect redesigned Club Pack (corrugated display tray & 12 count cartons)

Cliq iOS app concept

Cliq social-location smartphone app

Peter Chan
The Ohio State University
Spring 2011

The objective of this project was to create a social networking smartphone app that encouraged online friends to meet-up together in real world space, rather than the flimsy online acquaintanceship that passes for normal nowadays. This was done by incorporating facial recognition, an achievement system, and social-location features that would give people a reason to engage each other face to face.

A supporting video for the project was created, but rather than treat it as a simple, walkthrough video, I opted for a flashier (though less substantial) commercial video. Fast, punchy graphics are choreographed to an indie music track in a way that I felt best captured the essence of the app and its brand and would appeal best to the targeted youth market. Plus it was fun to make and, since it was my last school project, I figured it could be my last chance to do a silly, off-the-wall topic. Some of the major illustrations were based on sketches purchased off of shutterstock by an illustrator named lineartestpilot. His work is hilariously awesome.

logo for senior thesis project

Senior Thesis display board
Senior Thesis display board

Cliq Social-Location App Video

CD Booklet Hand Graphics

Peter Chan
The Ohio State University
Winter 2010

For this project we were tasked with creating any kind of booklet imaginable about any subject we wanted. I opted for a tribute to the compact disc with a rounded booklet that took the form of a CD case. The case itself was custom-made and even included a zipper to close it up. Each spread in the booklet was a tribute to a different artist/song/genre that I found especially inspirational.

CD Spread - Openness (David Bowie)

CD Spread - Problematic (Jay-Z)

CD Spread - Boldness (Jimmie Hendrix)

CD Spread - Suffering (Iggy Pop)

CD Spread - Remembrance (Utah Phillips)

Digital Piracy Infographics

Brian Stone
The Ohio State University
Spring 2010

A series of 2 panels that explored the world of digital music piracy and their effects on the American Music Industry. Music industry spokespeople will claim that digital piracy is killing their business, rather it is the changing dynamics of the market and their own stubbornness that is their downfall. While mp3s, Napster, and other p2p services were ramping up, the music industry insisted on sticking with its outdated physical product model. That is, they tried sticking with their biggest money-maker, the compact disc. The rest of the world, meanwhile, had moved on to more convenient digital music and now have the choice of splitting their leisure money towards video games and newer video formats. In addition to looking at market forces, these panels also looked at the history and structure of early peer-to-peer networks.

20x30in Digital Piracy Panel - Effects on the Market

20x30in Digital Piracy Panel - History of P2P

Typographic Studies

Todd Timney
The Ohio State University
Winter 2010

As part of our studies at The Ohio State University, we studied the historical roots of typography and looked at various design movements of the 20th century. One project given us was a series of posters and a booklet done in the style of a few of these typographic styles, with the added caveat that they needed to work together and look like they were part of a family. These were some interesting projects that tested our abilities to dig deep down into the philosophy behind some of the 20th century’s greatest designers.

Typographic poster done in Constructivist style

Typographic poster done in Swiss Modern style

Typographic poster done in Swiss Punk style

Typographic Booklet on Lissitzky, Bayer, and Brockmann

Type booklet cover

Type booklet El Lissitzky spread

Type booklet Josef Brockmann spread

Type booklet Herbert Bayer spread

InnovativEvil Visual Identity

Dave Bull
The Ohio State University
Autumn 2009

The goal of this project was to establish a visual identity for a company, whether real or imagined. I opted to have a bit of fun with it and came up with the idea of a super villain criminal agency in desperate need of an identity revamp. Their “brand” was compared against other groups such as Spectre from James Bond, COBRA from GI Joe, HYDRA from Marvel comics, and The Guild of Calamitous Intent from the Venture Bros. The logo is supposed to represent a cross between evil devil horns and a lightbulb, signifying bright (yet dark) ideas. I loved the inherent contradictions of juxtaposing light on dark concepts. There was also a great bit of fun had with creating stationery and three-dimensional concepts.

The Eye sees all
InnovativEvil logo

Even evil corporations need custom stationery
Various 2d applications

There's actually a third setting to wash dishes.
Concept art for InnovativEvil

SUV from the InnovativEvil episode of "Pimp My Ride"

Because deep down all fashion designers are really evil people
InnovativEvil Street Fashion and Accessories

East Asian Studies Center

East Asian Studies Center
The Ohio State University
Autumn 2010

A series of gate-fold brochures were created for OSU’s Office of International Affairs, East Asian Studies Center. The goal was to give an updated profile of different Asian countries that are part of the Center’s mission. Too often people have a view of East Asia in their mind that is as far removed from reality as cowboys and indians are from modern America. Stereotypes of East Asia draw on imagery from hundreds of years ago and fail to acknowledge the great technological strides that have been made in that region.

EASC MA 2010 Brochure

ICS 2010 Brochure

IJS 2010 Brochure