Cliq iOS app concept

Cliq social-location smartphone app

Peter Chan
The Ohio State University
Spring 2011

The objective of this project was to create a social networking smartphone app that encouraged online friends to meet-up together in real world space, rather than the flimsy online acquaintanceship that passes for normal nowadays. This was done by incorporating facial recognition, an achievement system, and social-location features that would give people a reason to engage each other face to face.

A supporting video for the project was created, but rather than treat it as a simple, walkthrough video, I opted for a flashier (though less substantial) commercial video. Fast, punchy graphics are choreographed to an indie music track in a way that I felt best captured the essence of the app and its brand and would appeal best to the targeted youth market. Plus it was fun to make and, since it was my last school project, I figured it could be my last chance to do a silly, off-the-wall topic. Some of the major illustrations were based on sketches purchased off of shutterstock by an illustrator named lineartestpilot. His work is hilariously awesome.

logo for senior thesis project

Senior Thesis display board
Senior Thesis display board

Cliq Social-Location App Video

Columbus Dispatch iPad App

Peter Chan
The Ohio State University
Winter 2011

One of seven different iPad app concepts that were designed by our senior design Branding Strategy class for the Columbus Dispatch. Although a Dispatch app already existed at the time, our objective was to create an updated concept that best carried across our vision of what the Dispatch app could be along with how it would increase the Dispatch’s market share with some chosen audience groups. Although the class was about Brand Strategy, with the iPad concept design it really took a turn towards user interface design, which was something of different field altogether, but it helped many of us in our senior thesis projects down the line.

Dispatch iPad app - Loading screen

Dispatch iPad app - Headline

Dispatch iPad app - Stories

Dispatch iPad app - Portrait view

Columbus Dispatch app walkthrough