InnovativEvil Visual Identity

Dave Bull
The Ohio State University
Autumn 2009

The goal of this project was to establish a visual identity for a company, whether real or imagined. I opted to have a bit of fun with it and came up with the idea of a super villain criminal agency in desperate need of an identity revamp. Their “brand” was compared against other groups such as Spectre from James Bond, COBRA from GI Joe, HYDRA from Marvel comics, and The Guild of Calamitous Intent from the Venture Bros. The logo is supposed to represent a cross between evil devil horns and a lightbulb, signifying bright (yet dark) ideas. I loved the inherent contradictions of juxtaposing light on dark concepts. There was also a great bit of fun had with creating stationery and three-dimensional concepts.

The Eye sees all
InnovativEvil logo

Even evil corporations need custom stationery
Various 2d applications

There's actually a third setting to wash dishes.
Concept art for InnovativEvil

SUV from the InnovativEvil episode of "Pimp My Ride"

Because deep down all fashion designers are really evil people
InnovativEvil Street Fashion and Accessories