Digital Piracy Infographics

Brian Stone
The Ohio State University
Spring 2010

A series of 2 panels that explored the world of digital music piracy and their effects on the American Music Industry. Music industry spokespeople will claim that digital piracy is killing their business, rather it is the changing dynamics of the market and their own stubbornness that is their downfall. While mp3s, Napster, and other p2p services were ramping up, the music industry insisted on sticking with its outdated physical product model. That is, they tried sticking with their biggest money-maker, the compact disc. The rest of the world, meanwhile, had moved on to more convenient digital music and now have the choice of splitting their leisure money towards video games and newer video formats. In addition to looking at market forces, these panels also looked at the history and structure of early peer-to-peer networks.

20x30in Digital Piracy Panel - Effects on the Market

20x30in Digital Piracy Panel - History of P2P