Typographic Studies

Todd Timney
The Ohio State University
Winter 2010

As part of our studies at The Ohio State University, we studied the historical roots of typography and looked at various design movements of the 20th century. One project given us was a series of posters and a booklet done in the style of a few of these typographic styles, with the added caveat that they needed to work together and look like they were part of a family. These were some interesting projects that tested our abilities to dig deep down into the philosophy behind some of the 20th century’s greatest designers.

Typographic poster done in Constructivist style

Typographic poster done in Swiss Modern style

Typographic poster done in Swiss Punk style

Typographic Booklet on Lissitzky, Bayer, and Brockmann

Type booklet cover

Type booklet El Lissitzky spread

Type booklet Josef Brockmann spread

Type booklet Herbert Bayer spread